torsdag 19 mars 2015

30 day coloring challenge: day 16

This was a crappy day, color wise.
Everything I tried to color just turned out crappy..  :(

So, I just did a couple of layout background using melted crayons.
Crayon shavings and the  I ironed on the paper with a Parchment paper in between so the crayons melted. Finally I stamped randomly witch different clear stamps and black ink.

At least these turned out pretty good.

onsdag 18 mars 2015

30 day coloring challenge: day 15

Went monocromic today :)

I thought I was going to color different things going in to this challenge but it seems I cant stay away from my coloring books :) If you haven't got one you should get one

söndag 15 mars 2015

30 day coloring challenge: day 12

I cant wait for the gardening season to start. Since I live in the north of Sweden we still have quite a bit of snow here so I have to wait at least a month more before I can hope for anything to grow outside :(

But I am treating my self to colorful flowers in the mean time. And since I am addicted to my faber castell PITT artis pens and white gel pen I used them again :)

torsdag 12 mars 2015

30 day coloring challenge: day 9

 I am a really big fan of my white gel pen (duhh) and it works best if it is a dark background. So this page got a coat of black acrylics before I started coloring. Putting in the "bling" at the end was the most fun part of this page :)

tisdag 10 mars 2015

30 day coloring challenge: Day 7

The other day I stumbeld across a website called They make this adorable little porsailn critters. I felt I just had to draw one of them. So here he is.
Made with faber castell PITT artist pens and my white gel pen (again :) )

måndag 9 mars 2015

30 day coloring challenge: Day 6

Today I made these little simple cards. Quick to color and quick to put togheter. I used watercolors and pens. The stamps are all from

söndag 8 mars 2015

30 day coloring challenge: Day 5

Hi again!

Yesterday I started coloring a page in my coloring book "the enchanted forest" but I did not have the time to finish it. But today I got to finish it :)
I wanted it to be a really dark and glittery night scene so when I was done coloring I had a LOT of shading to do. I started to shade with a grey marker and the continued to use darker colors that was already in the pictures. After that I did ANOTHER layer of grey and black shading.

Lastly I went nuts witch my white gel ink pen and some white chalks.

Without the shading...

...and with the shading.

fredag 6 mars 2015

30 day coloring challenge: Day 3

Today we had some amazing winter weather so we spent it outside :) Witch means I didn't have that much time to color. So the I only made these little guys. Again with my faber castell artist pens. Not my finest work but at least I got some time for my self at the craft table

torsdag 5 mars 2015

30 day coloring challenge: Day 2

Today I was home with my youngest ()four years old). Vi played, baked, watch movie and of course, colored. We colored together witch means he wanted to decide what colors I should use and I was suppose to decide what colors i should use :D
I used my coloring book "the secret garden" and my favorite pens, faber castell PITT artist brush pens. When I color pictures this big I usually get tired of it and never complete it but this time I did it! The fun part is the shading!

onsdag 4 mars 2015

30 day coloring challenge: Day 1

So for my first entry to the 30 Day coloring challenge I made this little dragon witch I colored with aquarelle colors.

Hopefully I will be able to make a post every day of this challenge. I feel so happy each time I sit at my craft table and creating. I love colors and I hope this challenge will make me a better colorist and a happier person :D



Welcome to my second blog :D Glad to have you
Here is my original blog

I wanted to star a new blog in witch I could collect all the coloring I do. A sort of color resume. Something I could look trough and see how I evolve and give my self ideas.
The inspiration to this blog came from Kathy over at thedailymarker where there is a 30 Day coloring challenge going on.

So once again, welcome and please come again! :D