torsdag 12 november 2015

Falling star

This was fun to color :)

It was such a different format than I am used to. The background and her is Chameleon pens and the hair is mostly faber castell brush pens and pencils.

This line art is made by Namita and is originally from:

fredag 6 november 2015

Light and darkness

Another one from Vintrerdrömmar :)

 I loved making this one. Coloring pages that contains a specific light source and contrasting darkness are my favorites. For this one I also used Chameleon markers. (You can tell there are my absolute favorites right now right :D)

I was suppose to send this page in as an application for the Chameleon design team but I got so lost in the coloring I forgot to take step by step photos! But a process video of it I manage to make at least. The settings was all wrong when I made the video so I apologize for the poor quality. Next video will be better, promise.

Enchanted Forest

Johanna Basford rocks!

This is a pic from her book, Enchanted Forest, I usually don't have the patience to color a hole page in one of her big books in one "session" so to speak. It takes me at least a couple of days to finish. Bur this one was so much fun to make, it took only a couple of hours.
I wanted it to have a lacey, shiny feel to it.It turned out almost like I wanted it. The shadows in particular is to messy for my taste but since I am mostly working with pens it is hard to erase :)

Book: Enchanted Forest
Pens: Faber Castell Pitt Brush Pens and a white GelPen