måndag 15 augusti 2016

Vibrant Garden

Method UK is having a coloring competition with Johanna Basford. You just download one of the JB drawings on their side, color it and then upload it to their Facebook page or on Instagram.

Here is a link to the competition:

And here is my contribution :)

I used Method's colorcombo and faber castell's PITT brushes to color.

onsdag 3 augusti 2016

måndag 1 augusti 2016

"Once upon a time.."

Today I have been coloring in my new favorite book, "Sagolikt" (fairy tale like) by Emelie Lidehäll Öberg.
It is full of fairy tale inspired pictures as well as pastry, flowers and sweets. :) This pic was colored and shaded with chameleon pens. And then I went over the whole pic with a white gel pen.

Here you can see how it looked before I started shading it. I always like to wait with shading, high lighting and special effects until the end.
Quite the difference, huh? :)

fredag 29 juli 2016

The bee hive

Another one from Hanna Karlzon'z postcard book "sommarnatt" :) I used chameleon pens for the intense colors (yellow, black, brown and orange). I love chameleon pens because they just make such a smooth and opaque finish. Then I used caran'dache pastel pencils on top for shading and highlighting. Talk about a match made in heaven!
A little white gel pen for some finishing touches and done :)

onsdag 27 juli 2016

Dream time!

Finished a second page in Hanna Karlzons "Sommarnatt" postcard coloring book :)

I loved making this one. I wanted to make something that looked dreamy. I used promarker for the blu background and faber castell pitt brush for my main coloring and the some Carand'ache pastel pencils for my shading and highlighting.

söndag 24 juli 2016

Faux stained glass window

It's summertime! Witch means I don't have that much time to color :) We have so many other things to do since the weather is awesome. Sunny and warm:)

But this little butterfly I have spent the last few nights coloring. The picture comes from Hanna Karlzons postcard book, Sommarnatt (summer night).

I used chameleon pens, faber castell pitt brush pens and a white gel pen.
I absolutely love this color combo. Its so elegant somehow. You can see in the closeups how messy I am when I am coloring :) It doesn't have to be perfect to me I kind of like the end result anyway :)

torsdag 5 maj 2016

Rainbow Lane nr 4

Who wouldn't want to live in a rainbow castle? :)

This one is only colored with Faber Castell Pitt Brush pens, a white gel pen and black posca for the background. Even though the posca mad a really even and dark black I don't think I will use it again. I thought it was quite weird and hard to draw with and the texture of the background feels strange. Almost as if I colored with acrylic paint but rougher.

This coloring page is from Hanna Karlzon's "Sommarnatt"

tisdag 3 maj 2016

Lady in red

Here I have for the first time tried Pan Pastells. The background and her skin is mostly made with them. I like them for skin coloring but other than that I dont think I will be using them. It's to messy :) When I put a color on I want it to be dry and stay there. (that is why I dont use oil colors either, to little patients)

I used chameleon for the red but otherwise I only used FC pitt brush again and a little white gel pen.

lördag 16 april 2016

Drop dead beautiful

Now this one took quite a while to color. Mostly becaus I was a lot of the same color (lots of grey, olots of pink, lots of green) and I get bored if I have to color the same thing over and over again :) So I took many breaks :D

It is made with chameleon pens for background colors and then shaded with FC pitt brush pens and highlighted with gelpens.

Its another pic from Hanna Karlzon's Sommarnatt

tisdag 12 april 2016

Bird king

Here ir the second page I finished in Hanna Karlzons coloring book Sommarnatt. I felt like doing somtething a bit cartoonish :)

söndag 10 april 2016

The Frog King (Hanna Karlzon - Sommarnatt)

Hi again!

It's been awhile since I colored anything. To busy with my family, getting ready for summer, a new job and other creativ stuff :D

But the other day I finally got the new coloring book from Hanna Karlzon, Sommarnatt (summernight) I loved it from the first page. It reminds me of home and my childhood. Everything that is in our forest is in this book., Since Hanna comes from northern Sweden as well it not so strange I suppose :)
The only thing I would have liked to see in the book are mosquito's :D They are so typical of our summers.

The first picture I was going to color had a bit of an accident. I spilled my jar of water for the brushes all over the page :( I tried to save it by painting most of it black and using a white pen to draw new outlines but I was in a crappy mood and just gave up. Well, I gave up with that page and got started on another. Thank god I did because it turned out great! I am so happy with this page. Hope you like it to!

 I used Chameleon Pens, Fabar Castell Pitt brush pens, white gel pen and black and white and black pastel pencils.

Thanks for stopping by!