lördag 19 augusti 2017

Sagor och sägner; en fortsättning

Can you tell that I love this coloring book? :)

Here are two more pictures I have managed to finish. I joined a coloralong in a facebook group when coloring Santas wokshop.

In the Frog Prince image, I really wanted to have moonlight so I added a moon to the background and tried to keep the color scale in "night colors".

When I color, I try to work use a color scheme and not use too many different colors. I choose three colors that will dominate and then add very few detail colors. I regret that I did not use the same warm gray on the horses tail and mane as the one I used on the floor.

Both images are colored primarily with Chameleon pens. Then there are details made with a white posca, white gelpen and polychromos pencils.

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