söndag 27 augusti 2017

The Troll King + pic tutorial

Hi there!

Today I am back with this guy, the troll king! I loved coloring him and had a clear idea from the very beginning on how i wanted him to look. I also knew i wanted a hidden light source coming from the top right corner and knowing where the primary light source is makes the highlighting easy :)
I used chameleon pens and some white polychromos to color this pic.

When I colored the crystals  I decided to take pictures during the process to show a little how I color them. I was coloring this late at night so I had to use flash on my camera witch means the color quality and sharpness isn't the best unfortunately. 


What I do first is to use a black waterproof pen to sketch the crystals in 3D. I want to make them see through. I am not too careful when doing this since anything that is behind the crystals going to look distorted anyway.  

Next I color in what is behind the crystals. I use the same colors as I used on the beard of the troll and the chair. I am not doing this on the bottom crystals since there are so many of them there and you wouldn't be able to see trough allof them to the beard. 

Next I color the crystals in the color I want them to be, keeping to my color scheme witch in this picture is grey, brown, beige and red. 

Now I use my white posca to go over all the black lines, being careful not to forget the sketchy black lines i made in the beginning. (can you see the lines I forgot in the left corner? :) )

 The white lines where i little bit to harsh for me so I went over them with my crystal colors. My light source in this picture is coming from the right side so I kept the crystals on that side somewhat lighter.

This next step is my favorite one since it really starting to look like crystals. I used my white polychromos pencil to color in all the crystals and dampening the colors

Some bling white my white pens and pencils and some highlighting 

A little black shading in the places that gets the least light and the crystals are done! :) 

Thank you for stopping by!

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