måndag 12 oktober 2015

Chameleon Pens!!

Hi again!

I got these Chameleon Markers from my boyfriend the other day (been wanting them like crazy) and I absolutley love them! They are so different from all the other pens I have got.

Below you can se the first picture I made with these markers. During the process I discovered various pros and con about these pens. They are


  1. Even though you can blen the markes with each other there isnt a wide range of  colors. However, I sam on there homepage that they are relesing 30!! more colors this spring. Awesome!
  2. There are only a brush nib and a thick nib in each color. Sometimes when I made finer details I wished for a thin nib in the same color as I was working with. 
  3. The blender is more of a highlighter when working on dark areas. Would have liked to be able to lend dark color with dark color.


  1. They blend beautifully!! I mean, look and the clouds, castle and moon! Lovely
  2. You can blend two colors to get a new color. I blended to get a bigger varaity of browns and greens.
  3. The flow of the brush nib is almost like an accrual brush. 
  4. You can color big areas without having any brushstrokes showing. Like the grass and sky. 
  5. Love the detial marker and the fact that it has two differnet sizes of nibs. 
  6. The blender can "take away" any misstakes you made outside the lines (as long as they are not black or to big)

Here is my first art piece made with these markers. I worked on a scrapbook cardstock paper.
 I have entered this one in Chameleons Marker contest! :D Here is the link:



Colored (look at that moon and sky!!)
It looks good like this to but since it is night time I want to cast some shadows, turn on the lights and wake up the stars :)

Finished! What do you think? Dont the colors  look amazing!
Here are some closeups.

Ig you want this like line art to color your self just send me an email and I will send you the pic.

Love Jessika

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