tisdag 27 oktober 2015

More from "vinterdrommar" (winterdreams) coloring book


Here is a ginger bread house before and after shading. Even though I like them both I always prefer a pic with shadows. It makes the pic more interesting I think. I used Chameleon pens for the most part and the some Faber Castel brush pens for the shadows. I dont know if you can se the structure on the house to the right? I made that with just one color of Chameleon pens. First just a cuple of smoth layers and then added a third layer with the same pen (BR2 Hot Cocoa) just makeing dots.

I also made this quick Christmas card. I wanted to give the feel of gold and silver without using gold and silver pens. It turned out quite well :) This one is made with chameleons as well.

As you can see I am a fan of traditional colors. I do admire those who can use whatever color they like and still make the picture look fantastic I am just not one of them :) Not yet anyway. I will work on it :D

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  1. Amazing! I also did this pic, you can see it on my colouring blog www.facebook.com/colourwithclaire xx