onsdag 28 oktober 2015

Some night scene

I wanted to practices some night scenery and how the shadows look at night. So I took this page in "Vinterdrömmar" by Hanna Karlzon and got to work.

  • Firstly I colored the whole thing with a blue Chameleon Pen (BV4 Blue Violet Pen). I left a small strip of white on everything that was facing the moon to make it look like it was moon reflection.
  • Then I started to color everything with the color I wanted it to have. Keep in mind when doing this that orange and yellow on blue will become green and red will become a sort of brownish purple and so on.
  • I wasn't very careful keeping inside the lines when coloring as this was just a practices page. However the final result look pretty soft at the end I think. probably because there wasn't so many strict lines :)
  • The shading was then done with the same blue marker (BV4) and I shaded mostly on the parts that was furthest away from the moon and those parts that was hidden or obscured.
  • The snow and stars where made lastly with my UinBall White pen.

Hope you like it! :)

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