måndag 19 oktober 2015

Pens pens pens!

I thought I would show you the pens I use when i color

First of we have the ones from Faber Castell (my favorites). There is also a bigger pack of these ones that I am hoping santa will bring to me :)

Secondly, my newest pens. Chameleon pens. I wrote about them in a previous entry here. They are along with the brush pens above, impossible for me to live with out :D

And here it is! The white uniball pen! I have equal parts of love and hate for this pen.
When it works; awesome! When i dosen't work; I want to crawl down in a hole and die

And oifcourse I have hundreds of thousends of black pens and pencils in differnet shapes and sizes (no, I am not exaggerating...)

And from time to time when i draw I also use paints. Watercolor, acrylics and gouache.

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